Completely free until you get a prize!

An industry first!? A world first!?
A large number of tutorial machines installed!
Free until you win a prize!

Thank you very much for using NETCH!

This time, NETCH is undergoing its first full renewal since its founding 12 years ago!

Until now, we have received many reports of severe lag in crane arm operation, dirty visuals, and screens not displaying.

In this full renewal, we have made significant improvements,
We sincerely hope that everyone can experience the "latest NETCH".

So, for all our customers!

We have prepared a special machine where play points and play tickets are not reduced until a prize is won for all our customers!

Even its name is,
The Tutorial Machine! Lol

For all our customers!
With years of gratitude.

Since play points and play tickets are not consumed until a prize is won, you can play the crane game for free.

We hope everyone will play and enjoy the newly reborn NETCH!

▶ Detailed Explanation, Precautions

・About the Prize List of the Tutorial Machine

Once you have won a prize, the Tutorial Machine will no longer be displayed and you will not be able to play on the Tutorial Machine. Please find and enjoy the prize you are aiming for.
In the future, we will further strengthen our acquisition of prizes, so please look forward to it!

・About Prize Delivery

Please be assured that the prizes won on the Tutorial Machine will go into your own cart.

※Also, a delivery ticket is required to ship prizes.
Delivery tickets are given as a bonus when you purchase points.
※Even if you win a prize on the Tutorial Machine,
If you don't have a delivery ticket or the points needed for delivery,
you cannot request delivery.
※Please check "here" for details about delivery tickets.

・About Multiple Accounts

The Tutorial Machine campaign was designed with the primary purpose of allowing everyone to experience the latest NETCH.

The use of multiple accounts for gameplay is strictly prohibited by our terms and conditions.
Malicious behavior, nuisance behavior, and the act of winning multiple prizes on the Tutorial Machine using multiple accounts are all strictly prohibited.
Also, if a violation of the terms is discovered, the account will be suspended, and even if points were purchased, we will not deliver any of the prizes won.

With the full renewal, security has also been significantly enhanced, so if you have any concerns, please self-report through our inquiry form.
We will handle your case flexibly.

We sincerely ask for your cooperation to ensure that all our customers can play happily, comfortably, and safely.

Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or uncertainties, please feel free to contact us through our inquiry form.
Our dedicated staff will respond to you kindly, politely, and quickly.

In the future, as always, our entire team will strive to bring you even more enjoyment. So please look forward to it!
Absolutely! Please enjoy!