About Assists

On the occasion of this renewal, we will explain about the "Assist" feature in NETCH.

What is Assist?

During your consecutive play, there may be times when our staff will assist you in order to make it easier for you to win prizes based on their judgement.
Please note that Assist does not guarantee a win.


※We do not accept any requests or inquiries for Assist.
Please note that if the order changes or the right of possession is lost due to these inquiries, it may not be eligible for Assist.
※Assist involves changing the position of the prize at the discretion of the staff, so it may be moved to a position different from your intention.
※Assist is provided for continuous play (where the crane's right of possession is maintained). If the right of possession is lost, it is not eligible for Assist.
※If misuse of this Assist service is identified in play, we may restrict your use of it.

Thank you for your understanding about the Assist feature in NETCH.

We will continue to strive to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable play experience.
Thank you for your continued support.